Single Serve CBD Oils & Creams in a Snap!

Easysnap® Opening Technology

Fold. Snap! Squeeze.

CBD Packaging

Fold. Snap! Squeeze.

Fold the pack in half with just one hand, snap open the sachet, and squeeze out the contents.

RCT Packaging EasySnap Open

The Perfect Size for Your CBD Dose

0.5 mL to 30 mL I 40 mm x 80 mm pictured

CBD Product Packaging

Packaging your Hemp Products has never been easier!

Easysnap Opening Technology

Seven standard sizes from 0.5mL to 30mL.
Easysnap packaging size is based on the volume of your product.


Great for Any Application

CBD Product Packaging

Better than a Business Card

Nothing stands out more than a business card with a sample of your hemp product. Make both your CBD product and business memorable!   


Perfect for Checkout Displays

Stand out from a crowded market. Let CBD users try your product before they buy! Our sachets are perfect for merchandising in stores or check out displays.

CBD Cream Packaging

Great for On-the-Go Lifestyles

Our sachets offer the most convenient way to transport your on-the-go CBD doses. The perfect size, no spills with sanitary & recyclable packaging.

Got Hemp?

Your Hemp... or Ours!

Use Your Own CBD Products

Send us your product and we will use our pre-printed HempSnaps branded sachets and fill them with your product.

Ask us about customization options!

Use Our CBD Products

If you are interested in offering CBD products, we can provide you with the best wholesale pricing on bulk product.

We have a direct relationship with the largest hemp growers in the U.S.

  • An affordable and unique way to get samples and product on the shelf and into your customers’ hands.

  • Professional package design, including both the front and back of the sachet with your visual identity.

  • Create any secondary packaging needs.

  • Our complete supply chain capabilities provide you with just one stop upon receiving your product.


With our volume pricing, we are able to work with all budgets.
We are dedicated to bringing the very best hemp derived CBD products in our sachets at an affordable costs.

With our 17+ years experience in manufacturing, your product and company benefits in many ways:

World Class Customer Service
Safe Full Grade Film Packaging
Long Shelf Life
Sanitary & Recyclable
GMP Approved

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Features & Advantages

Opens with one hand
Dispenses 98% of CBD dose
Keeps your Hemp contents safe
Offers lower production costs for CBD packaging
Disperses CBD without residue and recyclable
Hygienic and clean
Longer shelf life for Hemp products
Promotes your Hemp company and products
Transports CBD easily in your pocket or purse without the risk of leakage or compression

Hand Sanitizer Snaps

100 Synchpack Hand Sanitizer Snaps for $21.

The RLG Hand Sanitizer contains 80% Alcohol and helps reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. For use when soap & water are not available.

Hand Sanitizer

About Us
We are dedicated to bringing the very best hemp derived CBD products to the market. HempSnaps prides ourselves in helping companies like you distribute CBD products safely and hygienically in one convenient packet.

What qualifies as CBD?
Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis, meaning they both contain phytocannabinoids. Marijuana is most often associated with THC and hemp extract is often associated with CBD, a health & wellness phytocannabinoid. One of the key things in understanding the difference between the two and their reactions is that Marijuana contains 0.3% THC (the only phytocannabinoid that gets you "high") and Hemp has less than 0.3% THC and is not psychoactive. CBD can have substantial benefits for innovative alternative treatment options.

Our Packaging
Our packaging is great for Hemp companies that are wanting to stand out in a crowded market! Our packaging allows you to offer a single dose to new and existing clients and also provides the opportunity to merchandise CBD samples in stores to reach a new audience desiring to try your hemp product before they buy.

In the News
With our HempSnaps, the sky is the limit! Take a look at one of our clients who entered the Shark Tank Arena!


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*Hempsnaps is packaged with Easysnap® packaging technology, a patent of Easysnap Technology s.r.l.

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